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Pardon The Interuption, Tomatoes Go On!

I was unavoidably dragged away for a few days, sorry for the discontinued postings while I was occupied with other life stuff. This brings me to an item I had planned a while back….posting….for the next month and a half I’ll be posting on Wednesday’s and Saturdays only. These post will primarily be recipes and items of note I thought you might be interested in. As we move into harvesting season and end of harvesting season I will pick up the pace again. In those months we’ll be talking about saving our tomato seeds and over winter storage. We’ll touch on some storage ideas for cages and other end of season items. When we head into colder weather I’ll cut back to twice a week posting for garden planning and medium for planting our seeds as February approaches. So basically we’ll only slow down a tad November through January.not in fire but in ice
Creative Commons License photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker

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