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Merry Christmas From Tomato 411

single_red_christmas_ball_400_clr_4309OK here’s a Christmas Quiz!

See the pretty round red object to the left over there? Good!

First let’s name the object….what do you think it is?

THAT’S RIGHT!!!! It’s a Red Christmas Tree Ornament….by golly I’ll have to get up a whole helluva lot earlier to put one past you folks!

Now for another quiz question….

What famous Fruit or Vegetable or both could possibly be mistaken for the Christmas Ornament pictured at the left? Alrighty now you get 2 minutes to come up with the correct answer. Don’t forget I’ll be marking on neatness too…
C’mon folks we’ve blown 20 seconds already…..this vegetable is Really Tasty…..
1 minute 10 seconds left…….it’s known in Europe as the “Love Apple”….
No………it’s not a Red Delicious Apple…..

50 seconds left…….WHAT? What was that? You there in the back by the Trellis….What did you say?
YES…..That’s correct….A TOMATO!!! Well Done! I knew you guys would come through…..

Now I have another little exercise for you….and I’m going to give you some examples of what we can do over the Holidays with our favorite the Tomato! With all the family gatherings we always want something to munch on during these little get togethers and football games and all the other reasons we join as friends and relatives…..so, I want you to imagine some snacks made with Tomatoes………like this oneapps4Tomatoes2How does that look? Little cubes of Muenster cheese with some cream cheese infused with spinach….my mouth is watering…….Apps4TomatoesHere’s another beauty….Your favorite cracker cover with your favorite spread and topped with a Cherry Tomato!

Alrighty….I’ve given you a few ideas to get you going for the upcoming Christmas Holiday and New Years too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well…..I’m looking forward to the upcoming 2015 Tomato season and hope to see you here next year!


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