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A New Year Means New Tomato Plans!

Well here we are….ready to start planning and dreaming about our favorite Fruit/Vegetable!

TomatoPlanThere’s a bunch of stuff to consider…Seeds or Plants, Varieties, Garden Layout, Old Garden or New Location, Number of Plants, Heirloom or Hybrid….Or Both, Supports, Watering, Mulch, Organic or Pesticide Help, Small or Large Plot, and a boatload of other items to take into account. This can be a little daunting initially, but if you use a little common sense you’ll find it’s not all that bad. I usually start with where I want to place the garden, that’s because that usually provides answers for a lot of the other considerations such as “Large or Small”.
The reason I like to move the garden is the old “Crop Rotation” standard bearer for the ABC’s of Farming. And it does pay dividends for the soil and the general well being of the plants themselves.

For me there are a lot of decisions that go into my efforts….as you may have observed I like to try something new each year. Last year was container Tomatoes and I must say they turned out pretty OK despite a large portion of neglect on my part. Type of garden aside, this is a good time to consider if you want to start from seed or pick out your local growers finest varieties…..it’s more or less up to you and what’s going on in your life at the moment.

If you considering planting from seed now is the time to start asking for catalogs. Lord knows there’s a load of catalogs to request….just put “Tomato seed catalogs” into Google and watch the results flood back!

OK….so get out there this month and start thinking about what you want to do….we’ll talk more about the plans next month.

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