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Tomatoes Just Plain Love Calcium!

Genius engineers have strong bonesOK….so why do I have a picture of Calcium Gummy Bears with Vitamin D for strong bones you ask? Fair question, so I’ll answer. Tomatoes LOVE calcium among other things. Yes, I know, tomatoes don’t have bones. What tomatoes DO have is a large appetite for “Calcium” in spite of the lack of bones. So the question becomes, “How do we give the tomato plants what they want?” There are lots of ways to do this.

I was at the local Post Office the other day and Melody, one of the Postal Clerks, mentioned to Lucy, another Postal Clerk, that I had a book out about Tomatoes (I’m assuming there was a huge bond with Tomato gardening on Lucy’s part judging by Melody’s remarks). Lucy quickly asked me if I was the gentleman on the radio talking about calcium and tomatoes the other day. She said he mentioned using something unusual to feed tomatoes calcium. I told her I was not the guy on the radio, but he was probably talking about “Instant (powdered) Milk”. She said, “Yes!”….obviously excited with the prospect that I knew such a obscure piece of tomato science. I was going to regale Lucy with further pearls of “Tomato Science”, but she was already yelling, “Next Please”, so I guess my self-imposed position of tomato grandeur had not made the impression I thought.

In any event, this brings us back to, “How do we get Calcium to the tomatoes?” Well, powdered milk is one way. If you take about 3/4 of a cup of powdered milk and work it into the soil around where you intend to plant the tomato it should provide a nice dose of calcium initially (rain, watering, and fertilizing will eventually dissipate the milk) . Another great way to keep the calcium coming is to use ‘Egg Shells”. Grind the shells into small flakes and sprinkle them around the tomato plant base and they will provide a continuing dose of calcium over the growing season. If the prospect of all of this gives you heartburn, take some Tums, as a matter of fact, give a couple to the tomato plants too! Yes folks, tomatoes love Tums. Just grind some into a rough powder and sprinkle them around the base of the plant.

Oh, I almost forgot, I wouldn’t use the Calcium Gummy Bears….hmmm….maybe I’ll give them to Lucy ☺

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