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Tomatoes Like To Plan Ahead Too!

GardenPlanWell, last March I showed you how to layout a garden of your choice on Graph Paper. There were a couple of you that had a hard time finding the paper at various office supply stores…..so this year I’m going to give you a Website that will either provide an already pre-planned garden or allow you to make your own garden right there on line…How’s that for taking care of all of my fans…the both of you!
Alrighty then…here’s the URL for the Website….. http://www.gardeners.com/how-to/kitchen-garden-planner/kgp_home.html

The folks over at Gardener’s Supply Company were kind enough to provide this spiffy service for all of us gardening enthusiast. If you play around with it for a few minutes you’ll get the hang of it and find yourself knee deep in planning this year’s culinary nursery! The other item you should keep in mind when planting is the axillary things you’ll need to make the planning a success…for example….some of the Tomato plants will require staking or cages depending on the variety and size they reach. You may want to consider “Companion” planting…You know…..those plants that compliment one another when planted in close proximity. If you’re wondering what plants go together just  copy this with the quotation marks and throw it into Google….”Companion Planting”

OK….that’s it for this month….we’ll be back in April with serious ideas to make this year another great one for the garden……☺

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