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Tomatoes Happy So Far!

Looks like our little experiment is coming along quite nicely! In fact, our little tomato plants are becoming BIG tomato plants. Another added bonus you see in the latest picture is the “Nice Mulch”. My Lady friend Karla spread the mulch all around after noticing the great progress the tomato plants have made. She was so impressed with the tomato plants that she took the old bag of mulch that had been laying there and beautified the whole neighborhood. Everyone was so happy they have declared today as “Tomato Plant Test Day” and we will be celebrating this day for years to come and one of the neighbors is even setting up a schola…..sorry…..got carried away. I kinda exaggerated the neighborhood stuff. Today isn’t really “Tomato Plant Test Day”…it’s just plain ol’ Saturday and the mulch just covers a few square feet, but it looks pretty good I think!

Foam Wire

Now that we have left the World of Walter Mitty we can continue with our Tomato Plant observations. You will notice that I’ve placed a rather large “Metal Plant Hanger” behind the tomato planter (I know you can’t see it here, but trust me, it’s big). From the plant hanger I ran some “Foam Wire” to the tomato plant and made a 3″ loose loop around the main stem of the plant. This will take some of the strain away from the plant as it grows. In time, as the tomato plant continues to get bigger I will add more “Foam Wire” supports and/or move existing supports. A quick word about the “Foam Wire” I’ve been putting in quotation marks….this stuff is GREAT! The piece of foam wire in the picture is about 5 years old. I’ve used it for a multitude of different tasks. The stuff just keeps going and going. It comes in a 33 foot roll and is EXCELLENT for supporting any kind of plant, as well as, a miriad of other purposes only bound by your imagination. I’m in the midst of trying to find an inexpensive source for this and when I do I’ll post an address for the best price.

Next week I’ll be showing some of the other 7 plants I’ve put in containers and some of the various ways I’ve supported them. I’ll also be talking some more about “Pig Wire” and where to get it and at what price. For those of you unfamiliar with “Pig Wire”, Pig Wire is fencing used for…surprise….pigs. The fencing is 3′-6″ high and has 6″x6″ openings. It is ideal for tomatoes because of the 6″x6″ feature. This allows for reaching in to the plants and tending to them or removing fruit from them. I purchase the wire from an Amish farmer right outside Shipshewana, IN in 45′-0″ lengths at 44¢ a foot…..pretty reasonable I think. The reason for 45′-0″ length is it makes five 9′-0″ lengths and a 9′-0″ length translates into a 3′-0″ diameter tomato cage  and that makes 5 cages, you may not need that many, but you get the idea. Stay tuned and we’ll get you some more information on items to help with growing those tomatoes. See you next Saturday.


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