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Tomato Tips Part Two!

OK…here we are ….ready for the big weekend! First it’s Mother’s Day….then as we all know….it’s “Planting Tomatoes Day Too!” Let me get some of the stiffness out of planting a tomato plant. Every year I get a ton of questions about how we should plant our friend the Tomato, lets look at the basics. The first thing we want to consider is the “How” of how we plant the tomato. When I say “How” I’m referring to the actual mechanical placement into the ground. Some folks dig a hole, put the plant in the hole, and then back fill and done! Actually, this works just fine. I, however, prefer to do it a little differently from the old “Hole in the ground” method. I like to plant “Horizontally”, I “Trench”. Let me expand on this a tad perhaps an illustration will help show my methodology.Planting A Tomato Horizontally The caption beneath the title to the illustration states,”More roots = stronger plants”. THIS is why I plant horizontally! A good root system is just plain the best thing you can do for a Tomato Plant….period! Additionally, I like to throw a handful of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) in the trench to help and encourage strong roots. You can also throw some egg shells, tums, powdered milk, or any other form of calcium such as “Bonemeal” in there as well. Why do we want calcium you ask? The simple answer is “Cells”. NO, no….not the kind you bail your boyfriend out of….Biological cells! Calcium is a vital ingredient for the Tomato plant ‘s cellular structure, actually, any plant’s cellular structure. A number of you out there have had problems with “Blossom End Rot…or as the kids on Facebook like to say BER….actually, they don’t say that at all…I just thought I’d throw that in there for a little levity…sorry. OK…where were we…Oh Yea…Blossom end rot…here’s a photo.Blossom end rot tomatoes picture This may look familiar to you if your soil has a calcium deficiency. So, now you know why those tomatoes look the way they do…..it wasn’t their fault, it was yours….I hope your happy, don’t let it happen again! OK…one more photo….an actual tomato plant shown in the trench ready to be back filled….Planting tomatoes in a trenchOK when you do this make sure you have the very top leaves of the trenched tomato about 3-4 inches above your back fill and you’ll be good to go.

OK we have our tomatoes ready for a good start, next we’ll be looking at some of the on-going tasks we need to perform to keep our buddies the tomatoes healthy as the season progresses. AND don’t forget to think about later plantings….staggered planting if you will. The staggered planting method will provide fresh tomatoes ALL season long versus an avalanche of tomatoes then nothing. OK stay tuned we’ll have some surprises coming up in the future postings. See you next Saturday!


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