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Tomato Supports Still Working

How does our tomato plant grow? Very well thank you. ☺ Yes indeedy, the tomato plants seem as happy as little bugs in a rug….and you can see they’re moving right along very nicely.Toamto Progress We’ll be ready to give them a little shot of fertilizer here in a couple of days, probably before next weekend. Generally I like to give them a boost when they set fruit and some of them have already. I’m not sure how much fertilizer to give, so I’m going to be gentle with the application. Remember, this is an experiment for me too, normally I don’t grow in containers with perfect soil, great drainage, and no potential for root problems. I must say the plants are doing swimmingly. I also mentioned some other tomato plants last week and how I was supporting those….well, here they are!Tomato Plants Growing The near plant is a Kellogg’s Breakfast heirloom tomato and the far plant is a Boxcar Willie, an excellent heirloom I’ve grown before. You can see I’ve jury rigged a tomato plant support system with the famous foam wire I spoke of last week and some Shepard’s staffs I had lying around. I know this doesn’t look very professional….but that’s the charm of it, at least that’s what I tell folks when they say it doesn’t look very professional…besides….do I come over to your place and make fun of your supports? Alright then, let’s keep it civil, OK? Anyway, my whole point here is that there are a million ways to support your tomato plants. If you use your imagination you’ll come up with your own that satisfies what it is that you have at hand to utilize…..stakes, rebar, fences, poles, lattice work, old lumber, panty hose, Good Lord, the list is endless! The only rule is similar to the Hippocratic Oath….do NO HARM! Just remember, what is that we ultimately want? That’s right, tasty tomatoes! When you hold your end of summer festivities and serve your “Excellent” tomatoes do you think someone will refuse them because…”I heard you used an old pair of panty hose to grow these….how disgusting!” You just tell them it was just one panty hose not two…☺

OK, we’ll take a look at the “Jetstars” next week, they’re the ones that set fruit already…..living up to their name. You’ll get a special treat with them because they have some “Pig Wire” surrounding them. I’ll bet that quickened your pulse…eh? Alrighty then, until next week, keep up the good work with your tomato plants or the good work of coming to see how our experiment is working out.

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