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Of Tomato Plants And Container Planting

Well here we are, tomato plants growing, hornworms vanquished, and containers a success for our tomato growing efforts. So, you are probably asking, “Why does Jack say that containers are a success?” I’m glad you asked, let me recount why I think the containers worked out so well.

Some of the benefits of containers we saw first hand this growing season and some are benefits that I could see being a big advantage, although I didn’t directly benefit from thus far! Let’s list the things I liked.

MANAGEABILITY…. This has to be my favorite advantage to the containers. First is visibility. When you are tending the plant in a container everything is closer. Because everything is closer, being off the ground,  you can see things that a ground planting doesn’t easily allow. Secondly is Watering. Don’t ask me why, but the watering management seems a whole lot easier. You can test the soil for moisture content with a quick thrust of your chosen digit and arrive at a decision as to whether to water or not. Speaking of whether, or should I say, Weather, DO NOT rely on rain as a source of water no matter how hard it rained. Natural rain is NOT a substitute for water management! The containers have many benefits, but catching rain isn’t one of them. If you observe your plants during a rain, you’ll notice the natural shape of the plant sheds the water outside the container as a rule. This could be considered a detriment I guess, but I’m not counting it as such….so there ☺

SUPPORTABILITY….When we started this experiment, I was pretty sure supporting the plants would be a trick, I was wrong. This is the first time I’ve been wrong in my life…I don’t like the feeling……Hey Wait! I take that back, I was wrong once before many years ago….I thought I made a mistake! Anyway, the supporting tasks went very well and I liked both ways (caged and Foam Wire supports) of supporting the plants.

MAINTENANCE….This is the part I haven’t experience yet and I consider a big benefit….potentially, of course. However, I assume it will go swimmingly. I am speaking of annual maintenance here versus plant maintenance obviously. The container, even with their contents,  are fairly easily moved. The cages will remove easily as will the Foam Wire to be used again next year. The soil will be good for another year I’m sure! I will add new soil on top of the current soil next year and see how the plants prosper….and you’ll be there….by golly, there goes that pulse again! I don’t recall ever having this much fun with my clothes on!

Alrighty then, we’re nearing the part of the season that always kind of saddens me. We’ll be pulling the last of the fruit from the plants over the next couple of months, but there is always “Football”! Next week we’ll take a closer look at winding the season down….till then, enjoy those Tomatoes!

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