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Tomato Planting Has Arrived!

Tomato Planting

They Brought The Wrong Tomatoes!

Well it’s that time of year for me and a bunch of other Michiganders…..Memorial Day Weekend!! This means planting tomatoes without fear of frost here in Michigan….well, almost anyway!

As you may recall, we’ve covered the basics of fertilizing with our little series on N-P-K, 10-05-10, or as I like to call them….NitPiK (the word is just a memory prompt for me ☺) of course we’re talking about the basic fertilizers; Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. So now we can  move on to another basic step in success…..Proper planting procedures.

Tomato Roots

Tomato Roots Planted Horizontally

The picture on the right is an illustration of how roots grow when the plant has a significant portion “Trenched” or planted with the stem horizontal and laid in a small trench we have made to accommodate the new planting. I show you this merely as an illustration that the stem of a tomato plant will “develop” roots if given an opportunity. So, horizontal or traditional upright planting the tomato planting season is official launched. We’ll get into some supporting techniques in the next few weeks, as well as, some things to watch out for a your tomato plants continue to grow. Stay tuned, we’ll have some fun watching the growing cycle. Good Luck with the start to the season….at least for me here in Michigan.


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