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Tomato Planning Lists Not Necessarily Planting Lists

Tomato PlanningYup, I said “Planning”, not planting!

Planning may be the single most best thing you can do for your garden.

What’s that I hear? Why is planning so important? Well, let me give you some reasons why! First off, if you’re one of those folks I see at the greenhouses every year standing there with their chin in their hand while looking more like a Cigar Store Indian* than a shopper you already have a major reason right off!

(*No Cigar Store Indians were hurt or killed in the formulation of that sentence, furthermore, the Cigar Store Indian Nation has given me full permission to use them in any situation I deem worthy…so go take your PC concerns elsewhere!)

OK, where were we? Oh yea, we were listing reasons to plan what you’re going to plant. The second reason is fairly simple….how do you make plans for what you’re going to plant if you don’t know what you’re planting in the first place?

For instance…suppose you’re planting an Early Girl Tomato plant, well there you go, right off the bat you know from reading your Tomato 411 book that an Early Girl is an indeterminate plant….that means it could become the next Jack in the Bean Stalk Plant….if it were a bean plant. Anyway we know it’s not known how big it will get. So IMMEDIATELY we know that we’re going to need a way to support it right? Excellent..you guys were all over that one…so we are going to need what? THAT’S RIGHT!! Cages or stakes or trellising. I’m proud of you guys…I was afraid the long winter months might have dulled the gray matter a tad, but nope, you’re all over it!!

OK, what else would our Early Girl need? Space……..that’s right! So we could start thinking about where we’re going to put our Early Girl or Big Boy or Better Boy. We could also be thinking about some of the new Hybrid Tomato Plants or some of our “Old” favorites, “Heirloom” Toamto Plants. They will each have differing needs for protection and feeding, as well as watering.

Well I think you guys are pretty well prepared…so go on out there and start making you Tomato Planting Planning Lists…next month we’ll start getting into the nitty gritty of what we’re going to plant.

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