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Tomato Growing Tips and Hints For 2012

Tomato GirlLook at this happy Tomato Chick. Wouldn’t You like to have a grin on Your face at the end of the season like this as You harvest Your tomatoes? Well take heart my Tomato Friends….You will….. if You just pay attention to a few details. We’re going to have a little conversation about the basics….getting “Back To Basics” so to speak. Let’s take a quick look at some of the essentials of great conditions for your tomatoes….looking after the Tomato Plants Home, if you will. OK let’s get started………….

Home Sweet Home….well, at least for your tomato plants…..Tomato trainingLook, I’m not saying you need to bring in the Army Corp of Engineers to inspect and confer on your soil and the surrounding climatic conditions but let’s follow some common sense, tried and true, everyday, traditional guidelines here! ROTATE…..Remember Miss Schmedly teaching MEH (Modern European History) in high school? What did she tell you about when agriculture really started to make significant gains in production?….THAT’S RIGHT! When farmers started “Contour Plowing” and……..what?…….“Rotating Crops”!! Geeezzz you guys are pretty bright….I wasn’t sure you’d get that. However……smart as you guys are….do YOU rotate your own crops? Hmmmmm?……C’mon fess up…..that’s what I thought. Listen, one of the best things you can do for your efforts in growing tomatoes is to make sure their “Soil Home” is the best it can be.

Does this look familiar? Hmmm? I certainly hope not! We don’t want any soil borne fungus or nematodes or anything else bothering our little Tomato plants as they start out, but if you don’t give Mother Nature a chance to clean the soil You may just end up with the result you see here! There are many ways to “Rotate” your Tomatoes….How about like what we did last year….”POTS”! You don’t have to spend a lot of money either….how about a 5 gallon container laying around….an old washtub…..even a sturdy old cardboard box can be used with good drainage in the bottom…”AND it’s biodegradable…..that’ll make President Obama happy! ☺ I even knew an old lady that had a shaded lot that used a wheelbarrow with 2 plants in it…..and she wheeled it around during the day to get sunlight….how’s that for dedication and ingenuity. Use your imagination……..anywhere you get 8 hours of good sunlight is a potential site.Tomatoes best frind the sun

OK…a good sunny location…..a container to hold your tomatoes and you’ve got a great start for the season AND you’ve paid heed to the practice Miss Schmedly taught….she’ll be proud! Use your imagination, get the kids involved…or not, but whatever you do HAVE FUN…this all about relaxing and getting a flavorful treat to boot. We’ll talk more about the soil conditioning next week and some planting tips as well…we want you have a nice crop to put on the kitchen table just like pictured here on the right side of the page.

And by the way….YES, I do realize some of you have already planted your tomatoes, but here in Michigan history dictates that the gardener wait until Mother’s Day or, as I do, wait until Memorial Day. OK….come back next week and we’ll have some more common sense “back to basics” advice and insights……Think Tomatoes until then!

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