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How Does Our Tomato Grow?


Well isn’t this a nice surprise? Our little Tomato plant has really grown a bunch! Next we have to plan how we’re going to support these little gems as they continue to grow and when we are going to give them a little kick in the pants in the way of a dose of fertilizer. But first I need to slow down a tad, I mean this tomato plant is only a couple of weeks into the “Pot” experiment. I guess I should say “Container” experiment….I don’t want anyone else getting over heated by this experiment….☺

Alrighty then….what should we be doing at this juncture of our tomato “Container” experiment? How about we take a closer look at our tomato plant. Well I’ll be dam…..darned….we’ve got some blossom action going on with our little tomato plant!

So, why do we want to keep track of our blooms? No, we’re not going to pick them and make a nice bouquet…besides, they don’t smell all that great. Any other guesses? No….OK, I’ll tell you. When the blossoms start to set fruit, you’ll know this by the little bulbous green guys that appear in the middle of the blooms, we can think about giving the plant a little fertilizer. Now you guys should know what numbers to use when selecting a fertilizer because we went all over that, right? Alright…..don’t panic…there won’t be a test and I’ll give you the proper numbers when the time comes…..I can’t believe we went over that and I still have to tell what proportions of fertilizer we need. You guys better start paying attention….I may start grading all of this!

OK, where were we….Oh yea, we were talking about the blossoms. The blossoms also start the plant on a new cycle in the growing pattern of the tomato plant. The plant gets a kind of natural kick in the growth of the tomato. We need to take advantage of that by giving a little boost to the fruit itself via fertilizer….does all this make sense? Plants don’t think….they react….they react to stimuli and situations via chemical signals and markers. This is all very complicated botany…I won’t go into it right now. After the answers I got about the blossom tracking question I’m not sure you guys are ready for all of that, anyway, we’re going to give the plant just what it needs just when it wants it. This will ensure a tomato crop they will be the envy of all the neighbors….that reminds me of another tip….if you’re living in an area where the neighbors are envious of your tomato crop you might want to consider moving….housing is pretty cheap these days you know……anyway, I’ll report back next week on our experiment and see what steps we need to invoke. OK, see you next Saturday.

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