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Tomato Blossom Drop, Why?

Yes it’s TomatoMan, come to answer your most burning questions about tomatoes. I was at a local greenhouse the other day and one of the associates I met this year asked me if I had my tomatoes in yet….I replied, “No!” A nearby customer said, “Wow, I’ve had mine in for over a week now.” She then asked me why I wait to plant….aside from the obvious “Frost Issues” here in Michigan, I went on to explain about ‘Blossom Drop”.  Tomatoes, along with snap beans and peppers, don’t like nights below 55°. As a matter of fact, they don’t like temperatures above 90° for extended periods either. Now, if you have a night or two where the temperature drops below 55° that is OK, but a steady diet of those kind of temperatures will create a situation where “Blossom Drop” can occur….and it’s a lot more common here in Michigan than most folks realize.

Here’s our little pals pictured at the right….these little rascals are pretty hardy for the most part and will go on and become those great tasting tomatoes we all yearn for. However, if the temperatures get too cool the plant, in way of protecting itself, will release enzymes signaling it is shutting down and those blossoms will just plain “Drop Off”! There’s something you might not have realized….Mother Nature is pretty damned smart! Rather than continuing with a growth cycle that might be “fruitless”….pardon the pun….I couldn’t resist….the plant saves it’s energy for better conditions by “dropping” the blossom. Of course the plant will recover when things warm up a tad and we’ll all have a bountiful crop, but it always pays to understand why some folks, myself included, wait for the Memorial Day weekend to throw their tomatoes in.

OK, we’ll be talking a little about fertilizer next weekend along with a look ahead to see what else we can do to promote a good crop of our favorites…..The Tomato! See you then……..

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