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Time To Think About TOMATO Seeds!

Well it’s February….You know what that means, right? OK…..I’ll give you a hint, perhaps my title will give away the thrust here……
YES…..that’s right…..it’s time to start looking through those seed catalogs……………….


1-13-2013 11-25-38 AM Yes indeed we’ve reached the month of February, the month I always like to pick out my seeds from the various catalogs I receive. Now for you folks that haven’t ordered any catalogs it’s NOT too late….get on line and look around for catalogs you might wish to receive….THEN CALL THEM! You’ll have your catalogs in plenty of time to pick seed, order the seeds, receive the seeds, plant the seeds, and eventually place them in the garden.
Remember our rule of thumb….we want to plant our seeds about 6-8 weeks prior to hardening them off for the garden….so lets walk backwards here a minute…..I plant about the 2nd or 3rd week in May. Now let’s step back to when I should have planted my seeds….that would be the 2nd or 3rd week in March. Now that gives me all of February and a couple of weeks in March to find my catalogs and order my seeds if I were just starting out with ordering seed from a seed company….LOTS of time!
One thing I want you to remember when ordering catalogs…..sometimes the seed companies sell your name to mailing list, so if you want to track who is selling names put a “Key” in your name. Like I use Jack Z. Pearsall….or Jack Q. Pearsall…..then I watch for information to arrive with that name on it and I check my little “Key Register” to see where that came from….pretty neat huh?…..What?….Well I think it’s pretty neat. OK….don’t key your name……but you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun……
Alright, now that we have ordered catalogs and ultimately received seeds, it’s a good idea to save the seed envelopes and place any remarks on the envelope about quality or lack there of and any other information you deem pertinent.
I’ve added a page above with some Tomato seed vendors, you can look through those if you are so inclined and get an idea of what to expect from various vendors. Remember, we’re VERY early in the season, so you have plenty of time to get your seeds and make plans for the garden…..have fun!

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