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Planting Tomatoes Isn’t Over Yet!

Garden TomatoesWell, maybe it is….BUT, if you want to extend the Tomato growing season a little longer than your neighbor’s garden you might want to consider “Sequential Planting”! Actually, inadvertently, the tomatoes pictured kind of present a visualization of how sequential planting works.

As you can see we’ve got a tomato nearly ready for picking and as we look left and down we see that tomato is going to come somewhat later. Sequential planting works the same way. I do my initial planting on Memorial Day (Michigan is a risk prior to that). Then around mid-June you can throw in another grouping of  tomato plants and if you’re really brave you can throw in some plants at the end of June. If you’re a fanatic you can even plant some fast growers (Early Girl for example) in the middle of July and at the end of August or the beginning September you’ll have a new wave of tomatoes to brag about. Another benefit of this methodology if you’re a caner is the load gets spread out a little and you’re not inundated all at once with the year’s crop. So, as you can see, planting tomatoes may not be over yet!

photo credit: coolmikeol

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