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OK, Let’s Plan Some Tomatoes!

Tomato-PlannersLast month we talked about planning for various items surrounding the new season and planting those new tomato plants whether from seed or bought from your local greenhouse growers.
So….how do I plan for my new tomatoes?
Well, the first thing I like to do is make a drawing…..a scale drawing…..a scale drawing using 1/4″ is equal to 1 ‘-0″. This commonly known as a quarter scale drawing. It’s really pretty simple. What this means is if you use a typical ruler that every inch on the ruler is equal to 4 feet in the real world….or 1/4 of an inch equals one foot in real life. Simple enough right?
Well we need 2 things to make all of this 1/4″ stuff work properly….first we need to determine where the Tomato Garden is going to be and how much space we will allocate to the tomatoes we intend to grow. Then we need something to draw on.
I always take some rough measurements to see how many plants I can fit into the area I’ve decided upon and then I lay them out on some grid paper…..I’m in Engineering so getting scale grid paper is pretty easy for me….but you can lay it out on some plain ol’ white paper if you have a ruler. It wants to look something like this…
Blue-Grid-Paper-for-TomatoesThe “Major” blue lines represent 1 inch….each division within the Major lines is one quarter inch. We know that a quarter inch equals what?…..That’s RIGHT!!….One Foot!
So from our little illustration to the left here we see that we have represented approximately a 16 Foot square area….16′-0″ x 16′-0″. Pretty cool huh?
So if you want to draw this on paper your major lines would be every inch and the sub-divisions would be every quarter inch….and “Voila”….You’ve got a grid to plan your garden on showing divisions every foot! Now you can make this as large as you like provided you don’t spill over into the neighbors yard….they can be pretty stingy that way…☺ I might add, you can plan a lot of other things too if you’re so inclined….but that’s another whole story.
So, let’s do a little recap here….you’ve taken your measurements, You’ve got your “Scale” drawing grid paper, and now you can start laying out your garden following the appropriate spacing allocations as provided by the seed provider or the greenhouse grower. You’re good to go with the Tomato garden and any other secondary plants you’d like to throw in…☺
Next month we’ll take a look at some other considerations for growing a great Tomato Garden! Till then…..keep thinking sunshine and Red Globes!

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