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Growing Upside Down??

Well, here we are…an Upside Down Tomato Plant! Now I don’t normally bitch and moan over new garden items, but this little beauty deserves it’s own spot in the BS Museum.
First of all you have to find some place to hang this monstrosity, go ahead and look around and imagine where this could hang that wouldn’t get partitions from the neighbors to have you drawn and quartered.
Second….after you’ve found an ideal spot to hang this abomination you get a BIG after thought…..OK I’ve got this baby 10′-0″ in the air, WAY off the ground and just the right height to pick your Tomato bounty as it matures. Now Genius, how are you planning on watering this? Yes Virginia, upside down Tomato Plants need water too! And they need LOTS of it because all they have to hold moisture is in that little basket they live in! So you go to the hardware and buy a 10′-0″ ladder to climb up on to get to the top with your watering can. Hey, while your up there about August you better check the integrity of the bottom of this contraption because a healthy Tomato plant with the abundant harvest awaiting picking weighs about 50 lbs….BELIEVE me these upside down containers were NOT built to support 50 lbs!
All of the above aside……Going out and buying these things, Hanging them wherever, figuring out how to water them, let me ask a simple question….What in the name of all that’s holy is wrong with just planting them in the ground??
OK, I’m off the soapbox….Good Luck with your Tomato adventures….wherever they take you! See you next month! ☺


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