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You Call It Dirt, They Call It Home!

Pretty dull picture over there at the right. But I don’t see dull shades of brown and tan and rust, I see BIG green tomato plants with all the tomatoes smiling and singing and danc……sorry….I got a little carried away. Naturally the Tomato plants and their fruits are not going to dance and sing, or even smile for that matter. However, that is no reason you can’t, as you prepare your garden for the upcoming harvest.

Turning the soil is one of the more important jobs in the spring. I’m not going to make you spend an entire day outside with large striped clothing and a chain around your ankle, just a few minutes over a couple of days in your normal, “No body knows the troubles I know” clothing. You need to locate your planting spots for the new tomato plants and envision an eighteen (18″) inch radius around that spot. Now you need to merely dig down about eight (8″) inches. Voila….you’re done. For those of you who would like to get extra credit (and huge yields), you could spread around a 40 lb. bag of cow manure or an equivalent amount of compost and work it into the soil down to our 8″ depth. Depending upon how many plants you are putting in this shouldn’t work out to a whole lotta work.

There is another step to throw in here if you are so inclined, and believe me, it will pay dividends. Some black vinyl sheeting or garden cloth or anything you can find that is black and readily anchor-able. Why are we doing this extra step? Well, there are a lot of good reasons, I’ll give you 2 of mine. Firstly, we heat the soil bed in preparation for planting. Soil temperature plays an enormous role in plant growth, but you knew that. Now here’s one you may not have thought about. Microbes and bacteria….huh? Did you think of that one? Well our little pals in the soil react to temperature stimuli too! That’s the second reason and one not many people are concerned about. That’s it for this week, now get out there and get dirty….and singing is allowed. ☺


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