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Tomatoes Learn To Swim!

OK….so they aren’t “Really” swimming, but they sure had me going for a while! I saw an article the other day that was an introduction to Tomato Farming using Hydroponics. There were a lot of features that caught my eye….one of which was something I should have realized right off the bat….consistency!
I think I’ve mention variables with growing tomatoes to the point of it being an interchangeable disclaimer for anything that can go wrong with a plant. Well the vast majority of all those variables disappear with Hydroponics. Item such as nutrients become a constant versus a variable….that is HUGE!! Most hydroponic set ups are the indoor type, but we’re seeing more and more outdoor systems being designed. Of course that takes care of the sunlight needs but still leaves us at the mercy of Mother Nature where the elements are concerned.
Here is a site that will give you the basics for any type of Hydroponic Gardening

Here is a good ol’ Boy talking about his hydroponic efforts….Don’t let the down home twang and seeming naive demeanor fool you, this guy is an experimenting genius and pursues his goals with a passion…. Down Home Hydroponics
That’s it for this go around…..I wanted to touch on the Hydroponics because more and more growers are getting excellent results with flavor…..we’ll look at this some more as I get my feet under me on this topic….stay tuned! ☺

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