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Tomato Plants After The Hornworm!

Good ol’ Boxcar Willie and Kellogg’s Breakfast took it right on the chin with those damned Tomato Hornworms!

I think I killed a total of 22 of the dastardly little beast…I would have said I killed 22 of the bastards, but this is a Family Tomato Blog…..so I didn’t! Anyway you can click on the pictures and take a close look at what the bast…..critters did!

Actually, they look a lot worse than they really are. Defoliating a tomato plant looks way worse than it actually is, aside from a potential for “Sun Scald”. Oddly enough, the only tomato plants that the Hummingbird Moths laid their eggs on were the two heirloom tomato plants…..and they must have set a record for eggs….I have NEVER had 22 tomato hornworms in my garden ever…..and believe me, that’s a long time! Anyway, next spring we’ll talk about some various methods of protecting our tomato plants from the devastation and heartache I’ve had to endure (geeezzz, that really sounded heartfelt….I’ll bet I get a couple of contributions out of that. ).

OK, in other events, my computer is totally back to normal after a couple of days of intense re-installs. So we’re good on that front. Oh yea….I sent away for a black light flashlight from China and Mr. Wu promised in a broken English e-mail that I’d have it in 12 days and Lo and Behold (they’re figures of speech….not Chinese) he was right on time the 12th day. However, there were no batteries as promised and the batteries it takes are not “AA”, but rather, “AAA”. So I have to get some AAA’s and put my attempts at catching the elusive little bast…..critters off until next year! I’ll be able to go on some real Hornworm safari’s next year and hopefully bag my limit with Mr. Wu’s excellent black light flashlight. Boy, my pulse is pounding already!

Speaking of “Pounding Pulse’s”…..guess what? It’s almost tomato time, I’ve already started harvesting the VERY sweet “Sungold” tomatoes (A yellow-orange Cherry Tomato) and Sweet 100’s. The Jetstars are almost ready (turning red as I type) and of course the aforementioned Boxcar Willie and Kellogg’s Breakfast have some massive fruit on them and hold the promise of a mother-lode of good eatin’! Alrighty then, I’ll be here next week with more tomato plant surprises and progress reports on our “Container Tomato Plant” experiments. Stay healthy and don’t let the Hornworms bite….or something like that. ☺

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