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Heirloom Tomato Varieties Offer A Big Selection

Ferry Plaza farmer's marketOften times we get stuck in a rut when we are selecting tomato plants we want to grow in our garden. One of the things I like to do is select an organic heirloom seed from one of my suppliers that suits my fancy for the current year. There are an almost endless supply of these “Old-Timers” available from a multitude of sources.  Let’s list a few: Abraham Lincoln, Akers West Virginia, Amish Paste, Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red, Anna Russian, Arkansas Traveler, Auld Sod, Aunt Ginny’s, Aurora, Avalanche….and that’s just the “A’s”!

You’ll have no problems picking the right heirloom tomato to meet your wants and desires…believe me! ☺ We’ll be talking about where to get the proper seeds as the year progresses.
Creative Commons License photo credit: liza31337

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