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Heirloom and Heirlooms, Classic Toamtoes

Does anyone out there know what we call this Tomato? Yeah, me neitherChocolate_Stripe. Just Kidding, actually it’s an Heirloom Tomato….a Chocolate Stripes heirloom! We’ll be picking seeds and types of tomatoes for our gardens this year and I wanted to remind you folks about the “Heirloom” Tomato. Heirlooms are a little less tolerant of certain diseases and some of the criters out there but on the whole they are not as bad as some folks say. I’ve grown Heirlooms for years and they do just fine for me. So, without further ado, I’ll give you a list of Heirlooms you might want to look into.

Black Cherry (purple/black)
Brandywine, Sudduth Strain (pink beefsteak)
Chocolate Stripes (red/green striped) (Pictured at left)
Blondkopfchen (yellow cherry)
Black Krim (purple/black beefsteak)
Brandywine, OTV (red beefsteak)….My Favorite!
Amana Orange (orange beefsteak)
Azoychka (yellow/orange beefsteak)
Delicious (red beefsteak)
Dixie Golden Giant (yellow /orange beefsteak)

So now you have some Tomatoes to look at if you’ve ever thought of try your hand at some Heirlooms…..Good Luck!

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