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How Are Your Tomatoes?

Mine are doing pretty OK………You can click on that picture for a closer look!
OK…let’s identify these guys for you.
The Reddish Pot has a Globe Master Bush…determinate
The Green Pot is one of my favorites…the famous Brandywine
The Brown Pot has a Sungold cherry in it.

Btw….if you click the picture you’ll be able to see the plants a little closer….if you click on the picture again it gets huge…☺.

You folks haven’t seen these little gems before, they’re just doing fine as well!
The tomatoes shown here are: In the Terracotta Pot, a Bigboy and in the Brown Pot we have the Early Girl


I hope you folks noticed that the containers not only have some pretty good tomatoes going on…..but they have “MULCH”!! Mulch is VERY important to keep the Tomato plants from touching the soil. There are a lot of pathogens in soil that love to attack the tomato leaves. Another excellent reason to mulch is what?…….has to do with water…THAT’S RIGHT…water retention, by golly you just brought a tear to my eye….you guys WERE listening….excuse me, I’ll be right back……….
Sorry….I was a tad overwhelmed….

OK we have our tomatoes moving along nicely and haven’t hit too many hiccups as yet….but there is a denizen of the insect world out there waiting to kick our as……..butts! So, next week we’re going to cover some of the problems insects can cause with our tomato plants….Oh BTW….that denizen I was talking about is the dreaded Tomato Hornworm. Riddle me this….what do Black Sunflower Seeds have to do with healthy tomato plants? Give up? OK….a couple more minutes…….give up? Alright I’ll tell you what…Cardinals is what, yes, the bird Cardinal! You see the sunflower seeds attract the Cardinals and the Cardinals LOVE to eat Hornworms. Hey, as an aside, did you know Cardinals mate for life? Yup, they do…..I kinda knew this already because I saw a pair fighting the other day…..that’s a dead giveaway. Anyway, here’s a link to keep you busy until next week…. Click Here……Good Luck!

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