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Do You Know Why “YOUR” Tomatoes Taste Best?

Well, let me give you a hint! I’m betting you pick your tomatoes when they are RED, right? See Juan, Pedro, Philipee, and Jesus turning in their tomatoes to the guy on the truck? Not very appetizing looking are they? Along about now you’re probably asking, “What the hell is this a quick quiz? Jack, why are we answering all these questions?” OK, sorry, but this is important to know….at least I think so. Sit back, I’ll tell you a little story of how you get tomatoes on your Big Mac.

Ever wonder where the big fast food outfits get their tomatoes? Sorry….there’s another question, but it’s an important one if I’m going to tell my story. MacDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Hardee’s, your local restaurant, and just about everyone else in the world including some big supermarket chains buy their tomatoes from farms in Florida. Great place to grow tomatoes right? WRONG! Oh Florida has plenty of sunshine OK, and the soil on commercial tomato growers farms is alright, but the one thing tomatoes hate more than anything is also in abundance in Florida…HUMIDITY! Humidity harbors all things great and small that love to bite, eat, poison, rot, and in general attack our friend the tomato…Jesus, I sound like Mr. Rodgers! Anyway, in order to fight all the bad guys that attack the tomato the Florida growers use large amounts of chemicals. Now I’m not adverse to chemicals because most of them are fine and dandy and are safe for us to consume in minute quantities, just I think they use the wrong stuff and that affects flavor. Another thing that has a tremendous affect on tomatoes flavor is picking them green! The tomato hasn’t had a chance to release the enzymes that ripen the tomato and impart a HUGE portion of what makes tomatoes taste great. Bad enough they’re picked green, but now they gas the poor tomatoes with Ethylene to make them turn red…..I’m seriously thinking of starting the ASPCT…The American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Tomatoes….I mean GASSED!!! If this wasn’t bad enough, my friends, it gets worse! Tomato farmers grow their tomatoes for one thing and one thing only….Yield, that and appearance. They could give a rat’s as……hind quarters about flavor! In fact a new book coming out called “Tomatoland” by Barry Estabrook talks about the growers attitude. One of the tomato farmers is quoted as saying, “I get paid by the pound pure and simple, I don’t get a cent for flavor!” I said, “growers attitude” a couple of sentences back, that’s wrong, it should be “growers approach”, those growers are business people, not connoisseurs of great tomato taste. So as long as we the public will not spit the tomatoes on the floor of your local eatery, I guess we’ll continue to get chemical ladened, gassed tomatoes for the foreseeable future!

So what’s the answer to this horrible injustice to the tomato you ask….you did ask that didn’t you? Well, take heart my friends, we’ve already answered the question as best we can. We grow real tomatoes right in our own yards, and for about 6 weeks out of the year we can celebrate the wonderful flavor of all the great varieties of tomatoes large and small. See what a hero you are? Go get the kids and make them read this, if they’re too small, read it to them!………..More next week!

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