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Tomatoes Never Lose Their Popularity!!

As a result I think from here going forward we’re going to take a new direction with the Tomato 411 Blog. Rather than continuing with our efforts to give the why’s and wherefor’s of planting Tomatoes we’re going to become more informational with current happenings in the world of Tomatoes. As you look around the site you’ll find a wealth of the basics for planting, supporting, fertilizing, preventing disease, and harvesting and storing Tomatoes. You’ll find information on Tomato Varieties, Seed Merchants, and Diseases and problems concerning Tomatoes. If you use the search function on the site you’ll be able to get to any of the information you need quickly by just typing in a few keywords. Now don’t get nervous, I’m not going to abandon the original purpose of this site, I’m just going to emphasize current Tomato events versus the how’s and why’s of Tomato planting to a greater degree. Naturally I’ll keep all the information here up to date so you’ll never have to worry about stale information.

All of that being said we’ll begin with our journey through the world of Tomatoes and their current impact on our world and palettes ☺

Below you can see a chart revealing the vitamin, mineral, and elemental content of a cup of Tomatoes. I’m always amazed at the amount of content in the ever popular Tomato!
Recently I wrote a Blog entry on the genes found in a Tomato…..damn near rivaling the genes in a human numerically. That, coupled with the nutritional value of a Tomato, makes on helluva healthy fruit/vegetable!!


So you folks can look forward to more and more informational content with an emphasis towards up to date and current content. We’ll vary the topics vastly so as to keep your attention and interest going forward. We’ll throw in some of the modern goods that are out there that make your gardening life more efficient and or easier.

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