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Tomatoes Love Global Warming, But Not Al Gore!

Well this could’ve been our friend Al Gore on Sunday the 21st of February, the night of the “Great Ice Storm” here in South West Michigan. There was certainly no “Global Warming” that night. So, what does Al Gore and Ice Storms have to do with our growing great healthy tomatoes? The answer is…..Nothing!

But, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions have a lot to do with healthy tomatoes and the CO2 emissions have been increasing lately. Does this mean that good ol’ Al was right about “the “warming”? I don’t think so. There is a CO2 cycle and we are apparently on the upside swing of the natural course of events and this is a good thing as far as tomatoes are concerned. If you want to look at the charts on all of this you can look at Tomato Growth Charts Here. About midway down the chart you’ll find tomatoes. You will also note they call this increased CO2, “CO2 Enrichment”, obviously eluding to a more sane approach to a cycle that has been with us for quite some time. Of course, that was before Al “Henny Penny” Gore got hold of it!

OK, enough of the meteorological lessons and tomato chemistry….where are we headed with the upcoming growing season approaching? I’ll tell you, we’re going to discuss lots of stuff in the coming months including CO2 emissions. I’ll start posting weekly in April and more often in May through August, then we’ll start on a downward frequency as fall approaches….kinda like the CO2 cycle☺. We’ll also be covering some tomato history and lore, pot planting (no, not that kind of pot!), alternative support methodology, new hybrid varieties, and a ton of other interesting stuff you guys will enjoy, I’m sure!

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