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Tomatoes Good For The Morning After!

OK….so you decided that while you’re waiting for your tomatoes to ripen (after all it’s going to take a month or two) that you would pass some time down at the local watering hole and exchange all the wonderful things that you’re learned here with your buddies. By golly, there was so much to share that you stayed a little longer than you should have and that damned bartender over served you….again! So here you are the morning after and your head feels like the Pittsburgh Philharmonic Bass Drum is going off inside….your mouth feels like a Chinese family spent the night in it….so what do you do? I’ll tell you what you do…..you read the article below and all will be well!

Tomatoes good for sobering up: study

“Drinking tomato juice or eating tomatoes along with alcohol is good for sobering up, according to a recent study. The study, conducted by Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. and Kagome Co., two of Japan’s top beverage companies, discovered that tomato juice …”

Well there you go…another insight from our Japanese buddies….even Saki finds relief in tomatoes! How about that picture? I’ll bet you didn’t think the Japanese had their own Campbell’s Tomato Juice equivalent did you?

OK, there you have it, another wonderful post to brighten your day with information to live by….or recover by…which ever comes first I guess.

Hey, don’t forget…Father’s Day is coming just around the bend there….and guess what would make a dandy gift for dear ol’ Dad? Yup, you’re right again….A copy of Tomato 411 !

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