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Tomatoes Bring Good Fortune To The New Year!

First off….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

OK….on to business. See the kid with the load of money in his cart? Do you know where he got the money? Ketchup…..yes ketchup! See that train in the background? It’s carrying all the ketchup the kid made. and is heading to the market to sell it all. If you don’t think there’s a boatload of money in ketchup just ask Teressa Heinz Kerry about it! Yes folks, tomatoes make a lot of folks rich and some people happy…..just to know they can grow their own tomatoes and enjoy them all summer long….and if you know how, a lot longer.

Let’s look into how to make Tomato Ketchup…but first, a little history. I know you guys are all tired of hearing about the Chinese and how much we owe them and such, but they actually have a part in the history of the ketchup. They were the folks that started it all! Way back in the late 1600’s they had a special sauce they used while dueling with “Chop Sticks”. The sauce was called te-tsiap, te for tomato and tsiap for sauce. Can you see how the word evolved to our familiar ketchup? Yea, me neither, but none the less, some Dutch traders came across the sauce in present day Malaysia and it made its’ way back to old England where it became pretty much a staple by 1740. Of course it was brought to the colonies and eventually grew to the status of America’s favorite condiment. For a more in depth look at the colorful history of ketchup just put “history of ketchup” into Google and read away….OK….I promised to tell you how to make it so next is a recipe.

Old-Fashioned Ketchup

48 medium tomatoes (8 lbs.), peeled
2 ripe red peppers, chopped
2 sweet green peppers, chopped
4 onions, chopped
3 c. white vinegar
3 c. sugar
3 T. salt
1 1/2 tsp. cloves
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 1/2 tsp. allspice
3 tsp. ground dry mustard
1/2 tsp. hot red peppers

Boil tomatoes, peppers and onions until tender. Run through sieve or strainer. Add remaining ingredients. Boil until thick and pour into jars.

So there you have it…the whole story, well, most of it anyway. Now you have the tools to head off into the new year with a recipe for success. Perhaps next year we’ll see you at the helm of that wheelbarrow! Happy New Year!

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