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Tomatoes Arrive In Local Greenhouses


Well it’s “Official”, Spring is finally here! Two of my favorite Greenhouses here in good ol’ Portage, MI. have started stocking the shelves with tomato plants of varying sizes. Regardless of where you live you will find large assortments of tomato plants available to choose from, as well as a flood of flowers and other vegetables. So, what do we have available to choose from locally…well at Schram’s Greenhouse, 7313 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage (phone (269) 327-5347) you’ll find a bunch of interesting tomato offerings. Here’s a listing of their tomato plants; Standard Heirlooms are Red Brandywine, Beefsteak, Large Cherry, Golden Jubilee, Marglobe, Roma, Rutgers, Yellow Pear, and Tomatillos. Hybrids are Beefmaster, Better Boy, Big Beef, Celebrity, Bush Champion, Early Girl, Jet Star, Juliet, La Roma, Lemon Boy, Mountain Spring, Patio, SuperSonic, Super Steak, Sweet 100, and Sun Sugar. Additional Heirlooms are Black Krim, German Johnson, Great White, Green Zebra, Mr. Stripey, Yellow Brandywine, Pink Brandywine, Black Cherry, Amish Paste, Box Car Willie, and the famous Mortgage Lifter.

The Lady on the right in with the giant tomato plant is Luba Schram, one of the owners.Be sure and keep an eye out for Luba, she is always buzzing around trying to keep up with all the chores and requests. Regardless of who you get to help you at Schrams, you’ll find a knowledgeable and friendly staff at your disposal to help with your garden needs.


OK, now we’re on to my other favorite Greenhouse in Portage. That would be as shown in the photo at the left…Schuring’s Greenhouse 610 Schuring Rd., Portage (269-321-8840). Their list is equally impressive for sheer numbers and variety. They feature Beefmaster, Better Boy, Big Boy, Celebrity, Early Girl Golden Jubilee, Grape Juliet, Jet Star, Lemon Boy, Mr. Stripey, Pink Girl, Red Cherry, Red Plum, Roma Italian, Rutgers, Sweet 100, Yellow Cherry, Yellow Plum, Agriset (a small grape), Amish Paste, Big Beef, Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter Park’s Whopper, Patio, Superfantastic, Tomatilla, Huskey Red and the Better Bush….whew…that’s a lot of tomatoes. There’s a new Blog coming from the Schuring Greenhouses…it is http://johnschuringjr.com/retail/

The two ladies on the right are the ladies of Schuring’s Greenhouses. The one with the multicolored apron is Sue Schuring and the other lady with the slightly more conservative apron is Carole Schuring. You can look for them if you’re at the Schuring Greenhouses, but just like the Schram store, all the folks at Schuring’s are top notch and can help you whatever your gardening needs happen to be.

Now don’t forget, there’s a couple of databases available above(click the Tomato Variety Database)….the Cornell Database gives user experiences with various varieties so give it a try to aid in your choices this year.

Hey, I almost forgot…both Schrams and Schurings carry the “Mexican Tomato”…the “Tamatilla”. This tomato plant has to be purchased in pairs normally because of pollination issues…you can read about them here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomatillo

Guess what? I almost forgot someone else…she’s another Schuring…Patty Schuring! Patty is holding a tomato plant with a blossom on it….that little blossom is the source of multitudinous arguments about whether to take them off or leave them on….on June 15th last year I put up a blog on that very subject. Patty was kind enough to bring another twist to the topic…a twist from Michigan State’s Extension Service. The crux of the paper released by MSU primarily addressed the “state of being” of the tomato plant biologically after it has blossomed. MSU has stated that once the plant has blossomed the plant uses it’s energies primarily for the growth of the fruit…..this is not always true in my experience….the war is on….I’ll report more on this later…stay tuned!

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