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Tomatoes And Free Radicals!

Last month I talked about Tomatoes and their “Antioxidant” qualities….I tried to convey how antioxidants protect your cells from “Free Radicals”. Now just to be clear….free radicals are NOT a bunch of people President Obama let loose and traded for a soldier of questionable character…..no, they’re sets of molecules (as covered last month) found all over the place in nature and as a result, inside our bodies. Hell, we even make free radicals as part of exercise and there are other activitiesfree_radicals that cause the introduction of free radicals into our daily life as our little graphic outlines to the left.
OK, so about right along in here some of you might be wondering why a blog all about Tomatoes gives a hoot and a holler about all of this antioxidant and free radical stuff. Well the short answer is I DON”T! If you go and “Google” “Free Radicals” and pay real close attention to the information that Google brings back you’ll find there’s not a China man’s chance in hell that there is anything to be done about them….nothing! BUT, if there was any plan of attack against the battle with Free Radicals….the Tomato would be right there on the front lines….and speaking of lines, the bottom line is our love of the Tomato gives us a leg up on the crap shoot Mother Nature’s running out there with free radicals. All we can do is enjoy those things we enjoy and hope our genetic code is one that gives us a good shot at defeating all the bad guys that plague the Human Condition. That brings me to my final point. “Well Being” is a state of mind as much as anything and one of my greatest pleasures in life is growing and eating Tomatoes. It gives me a feeling of…..Yes…..”Well Being”! I further believe if you feel well and feel happy, you may have already found the greatest medicine ever created! Harvest those Tomatoes, you will definitely feel a lot better…☺

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