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You say Tomato, I say Tomatl….

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That name doesn't look right!

Have you ever wondered where the name “Tomato” came from….me neither, but it’s Saturday and I needed something to throw on the ol’ blog here so I thought long and hard about Tomato subject matter and right out of the blue came this brilliant idea….Hey!…where did the name tomato come from?

So I went over to our friend Google and started doing some searches and guess what? I found out the tomato really didn’t get a name until it kicked around for a while. The Incans really discovered the fruit/vegetable first, but as with many things, they didn’t realize the potential of the tomato to end up in book someday (Tomato 411) and just let it languish until it eventually moved north into Aztec territory. Well, someone in the Aztec nation figured this fruit/vegetable taste pretty OK and might have a future, so they named it the “Tomatl”.  The Aztecs thought the small fruit was a good luck omen from the Gods….well it ended up going to Spain and ultimately Europe…it was called a tomate then and somewhere along the line it became a tomato. So there you have it, another riveting Tomato story to incorporate into your family traditions….enjoy!
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