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Tomato Fun For The 4th

An ordinary Tomato…..but a special Vegetable/Fruit!!
OK, a little fun for the 4th of July Holiday….We’re going to provide some fun facts for your educational benefit….so here we go!

Do You have any idea how many pounds of Tomatoes the average American eats every year? Well, quite a few….
The exact number according to the Department of Agriculture is between 22 – 24 pounds…..This is a typical response from our government folks….why not just 23 pounds? Now you’re probably wondering how everybody in the great land of America could eat that many tomatoes…..well they don’t! A large portion of that average is hidden in Ketchup and Tomato Sauce….so now you know…☺

Speaking of eating……Do you have any idea where Tomatoes rank on the “Popularity List” of vegetables? Think for a second, what do you eat way more than tomatoes? Now don’t forget they are hidden in sauce, paste, and ketchup….well our favorite veggie is actually 4th on the list. Can you guess which vegetables beat our favorite vegetable out? Well, here you go…..Potatoes, Lettuce, and Onions beat out our Tomatoes! I guess I can begrudgingly see that….:(

On a good note though….we’re gaining!! Over the last 20 years Tomatoes have gained market share by more than 30%…. 30%!!
Actually, if you think of the Super Market shelf, it’s not too hard to imagine! Remember when there were 2 kinds of Tomato Sauce? Ragu and Prego….Now when you look on the shelve there are 10’s of different kinds of Tomato Sauce, and how about SALSA?? I used to have to look high and low for any kind of prepared salsa……once again they’re all over the place now! As of 2008 Americans spend more on Salsa than Ketchup….How about That!!

Hey how about all those varieties of Tomatoes….There are sources that put the number at 25,000 types. Realistically, according to American Scientific Botanist the number is slightly more than 10,000 distinctive variants….one helluva lot of kinds of Tomatoes!! ☺

Here’s a beauty……How much did the Worlds OFFICIALLY recorded largest Tomato weigh? In 1986 Gordon Graham of Edmond, Oklahoma grew a “Delicious” type Tomato that tipped the scales at 7 Pounds and 12 ounces!!

What state has made the Tomato their official state Vegetable?….Arkansas. New Jersey too!…The “Jersey Tomato” is their designee. What state has made Tomato Juice their official state beverage?……Ohio.

Well that’s it for the Holiday…..Hope you enjoyed the mini classroom of Tomato Trivia!

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