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It’s Official…Tomato Season Is Over!

halloween_pumpkins_pc_400_wht_1404scarecrow_400_clr_12932Well I assume your Tomato plants are probably looking like our buddy over to the left. This is OK…..we’ve run the course for this year and we can begin to think about next year….but NOT right away.
We’re coming into the Holiday Season and I’ve just moved into a new house so I want to take a minute to thank all of you out there that make the Holiday Season and the “New House” a little warmer!
The “Tomato 411” sales enjoyed a nice percentage increase in sales year over year and web traffic has been great! I have been reluctant to place advertising on this site other than a small ad at the end of our posts for  the Tomato 411 book and I remain in that mindset. I think those of you that come here do so for information versus being barraged with a ton of tedious ads and other annoying side tracks. In the event I find something that I feel might be of a benefit to your Tomato Growing efforts I’ll let you know and I’ll let you know if I get a commission on it as well….just for the sake of complete disclosure
Some of you have asked over the years about my book and the website here and if I make my living from Tomato 411….well, if I were dependent on the book and the site for an income I can safely say I wouldn’t have gotten a new house….this is more a labor of love than an income staple ☺.
Originally I retired as a Piping Engineer in the Engineering field….now I’m back at it in Charleston, West Virginia dismantling a Chemical Plant for a large Multinational firm. Believe it or not….taking a chemical plant down is a lot harder than putting one up…..yes, I know, I didn’t think so either when I started tearing this one down….☺.
OK…so we’ll take this month to reflect on Halloween and all the little persons that ran around Thursday night and look forward to Thanksgiving coming our way in less than a month now….it’s my favorite holiday and I wish you folks a Great Turkey and a Warm Hearth this Thanksgiving….stay tuned, we’ll have some neat stuff coming up.

All the best from me and mine….

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