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Harvesting Those Tomatoes!!

OK, it’s time to bring in the bounty! But before we do here’s a brief Video showing some of the short falls of Tomatoes being “Green” when the frosts approach, so take a look and get an education on bringing in Green Tomatoes….CLICK

Alrighty, let’s address a couple of myths about ripening and keeping Tomatoes. Firstly, do not place Tomatoes on a bright sunny window sill to ripen! More often than not the fruit will begin the rotting process before it becomes that flavorful Tomato we all love. AND……My favorite pet peeve about Tomatoes….DO NOT PUT TOMATOES in the refrigerator!!!! When you place a Tomato in refrigeration an enzyme is released from the Tomato that causes the flavor to spoil! Let’s be logical about this….Go to the store….go the vegetable aisle…..where are the Tomatoes? Do you see any refrigeration going on….hmmm? NO, the supermarkets of this country spend BILLIONS of dollars every year researching the best way to present and keep fruits and vegetables….so take their example….DO NOT REFRIGERATE those Tomatoes !!

Here’s a little Video to help those of you that want to save some seeds and start from scratch next year Click here

If you’ve never saved any seeds for the next season I think you’ll find it’s a helluva lotta fun…especially if you have children. It’s a life lesson and biological lesson and botanical lesson all rolled into one!

OK, you’re good to go with the Harvesting….see you next month, enjoy those Tomatoes!! ☺

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