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Happy New YearWell here we are in a whole New Year. This is great for tomatoes and the garden. I usually start my planning in February, so you folks get another month of relaxing after the holidays. So far the weather here in South West Michigan has been pretty good as far as winters go….AND the days started getting longer on December 21st…..right about the time the pesky Mayans tried to end the planet as we know it. The only reason I don’t condemn the Mayans for their calendar faux pas altogether is there’s a pile of evidence that they were instrumental in growing the plants that would eventually become the most favorite vegetable in the entire world…..our buddy the tomato!
I’ll bet a lot of folks don’t know that the tomato was first used in a recipe for cooking by our late pals the Mayans. They referred to the tomato as the “Golden Apple”. This of course lead a lot of researchers , paleontologist, historians, and a multitude of other observers to believe that the first tomatoes were small yellow tomatoes….I disagree…..not totally perhaps, but disagree I do. I don’t think the tomatoes were small, I think they were probably a normal sized tomato, perhaps about 8 ozs. But that’s a discussion for another time.
Meantime, we should start our planning by thinking about what kind of tomatoes we want to grow and whether or not we want to grow from seed. Naturally if we want to grow from seed we are real close to the ordering stage….think about that.
Alrighty…..I want to wish you a Happy New Year and some prosperity to go along with that! Start thinking about those tomatoes and have a great January!

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